On my drive home

On my drive home from work, I stopped at the gas station. I glanced across the street and saw this sign. Thought to myself “Has anyone else noticed it and does this tug at the heart of anyone else?”



Easter Sunday

Easter is this coming Sunday and we will be celebrating with a big Easter dinner in the park. We have had large crowds of people (serving over a hundred this past weekend) and we are expecting another large crowd this week. If you would like to help, let me know.  Please join us if you have no place to go for Easter, we would love to have you. There will be egg coloring for the kids, as well as Easter baskets for them. We will be having a big Easter dinner, serving the following.
and lots of Desserts
We always have a great time, so please join us. We look forward to seeing you.

This coming Sunday in the park

I am headed to Florida today for  my brother’s funeral. He passed away this past Sunday. Anna will be coordinating the meal for this coming Sunday in the park. I don’t know if I will have internet access while at my mom’s. So if you have any questions about this coming Sunday’s meal, please contact Anna. Thank you and Love to you all.

Christmas 2016

We had a great day with our friends in the park today. Because of the weather and all the snow, we did not have a big turn out, but still served about thirty people today. Thirty people who may have not had any place else to go for the holiday and each one of them so grateful for the hot meal. They were very grateful for you taking time out of your Christmas day to come down and be with them. Many whom live in their cars grabbed plates and headed back to the warmth of their cars, while others scattered through out the park. We even had a few of the Frisbee golfers come by for dessert and warm hot chocolate. Thank you to Dee for coming a long ways in this weather to bring us so many pies, so wish there were more people there to eat them all. We will be having pie for dessert next week. Many filled their pockets with the candy she brought and one of the guys took toys for his kids as well as some to take back to the kids at the shelter. Thanks to Heather at the Stinker station for making cookie bags for the folks and thanks to Pastor Laura and her group from Church for Now for all the wonderful gift bags, everyone was excited to receive them. I thank you all for making it a wonderful day for all who showed up and I thank you for making my Christmas special as well. I spend the holidays alone and getting to spend it with such wonderful people makes my heart jump with joy. Each and every heart in that park is touched by your generosity, kindness and love and that includes mine as well. You are truly a blessing. Merry Christmas to you all and I pray many blessings on your lives in the coming New Year.

Link to video Christmas 2016

Christmas Dinner in the Park


This coming Sunday is Christmas and we will still be having our dinner in the park at four,  for anyone who needs a meal or has no other place to go for Christmas….no one should eat alone on the holiday. We will be doing a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. If you plan to come down or bringing anything, I am asking that you confirm this with me, so I know what to plan accordingly. Will be doing last minute shopping for this and will need to know if I need to pick up anything. Please let me know as soon as possible. I will be preparing ham, turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy and dessert. The number of people coming has been down the last few week, due to the weather. We may not have a large crowd, but then again we never know. We also have gift bags, donated from Pastor Laura and the wonderful group from her church, to hand out. One of the ladies from the gas station I go to said she is making gift boxes of cookies to give out as well, will pick these up on Saturday. Hoping and praying for good weather that day. Should be a lot of fun, hope to see you there.