Easter Sunday


We will be serving Easter Dinner in the park this Sunday. Will color eggs with the kids and will also have Easter baskets to hand out to them as well. Hope to see you there and if you can’t make it down…..We wish you a very Blessed Easter!

Happy Meal’s can really make you happy.


I was leaving the park today and couldn’t decide if I wanted to stop at the gas station tonight or wait until after work tomorrow. I didn’t want to, but decided to stop tonight. It’s one of those stations that have the McDonald’s inside, I debated on getting a burger for dinner and as I was getting ready to walk out, I changed my mind and turned around and headed to get a burger. I was waiting for my order and I don’t know why, but decided to turn around. Just as I did, I came face to face with one of the people we serve in the park. He was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. He was holding his little girl, she can’t be more than two years old. His little boy came bouncing out of the bathroom with his very pregnant mom. I told him that I missed seeing them at the park today. He explained that they need to give someone a ride and missed the meal and ask if anything was left. I told him we had served up all the food. No problem he said and told me he had a few bucks to get a couple of burgers, but they would be there next week for dinner. I told him he had better come, we were having Easter dinner and would love to have them there. Then I told him “Let me buy you and your family dinner.” No, I can’t let you do that he said. I wouldn’t take No for a answer. I said get what you want. Just a small burger is fine for us. No, get what you want I insisted. The little boy piped up and said “Happy Meal Dad….please.” No, son we will just share a few burgers…….I looked at him, smiled and said “You know that’s not the answer I am going to accept…right?” He reluctantly said okay and let his family each order what they wanted. Each of his kids wanted a Happy Meal and I have never seen two kids get so excited over getting a Happy Meal. The smile on the face of these two kids, made me smile all the way home. Dad leaned over and said that it had been a rough day and this just made it little better. Then with tears in his eyes, he asked if he could have a hug. I gave him a big hug and the little girl he was holding, leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. This meal meant more than just feeding a homeless family on the streets. This chance meeting was a chance to let a family go into a place and have a meal of their choice, a chance to sit and eat as a family, relax and enjoy each others company and not have to worry about do we have enough to eat. I hope they enjoyed their meal together and I hope I brightened their day a little…..because the smiles I got so made my day. Funny how little acts of kindness can bring such great joy not just the receiver….but also the giver.

Thanks to the guys

Today started off with hours of snow fall, but in true Idaho fashion, by the time we got to the park it was sunshine and the snow had melted away. Once again we had a large crowd to serve, great group of people today. Still seeing many that are new.  I wanted to thank Jerry and Jeremiah for the eggs they brought down. I also want to thank Tim for the ham, sausage, hashbrowns and my new Bundt pan. Everything will be used for our Easter dinner next Sunday. Thank all of you very much.

A Scarf to Warm the Heart


We were just getting ready to pack things up this afternoon at the park, when he came walking up quickly. I asked him if he wanted something to eat. He stood there shaking and said no thanks but mentioned that he was freezing. With a desperate look in his eyes, he asked if I had any gloves. I told him I would check my truck. I started to dig through my stuff in the truck and thought…please let there be a pair left. I did find gloves for him. As I handed him the gloves, the look of despair left and the biggest smile came across his face. I told him to wait a minute and I returned to my truck and pulled out a scarf. I gave it to him and he said he didn’t need it and felt strange wearing a scarf. I told him it’s cold and he needed to keep himself warm. I took the scarf and wrapped it around his neck and told him to keep it on whether he liked it or not….think of it as a warm hug around your neck. He chuckled and smile saying you just brought back memories of my mom…she use to do the same thing. We started to pack up and he jumped in and helped load things in the truck. I told him thanks for the help. He says that nothing is free on the streets and he was paying me back for the gloves and scarf…..I told him we do things because we care and love you, not because we expect something in return. He just smiled at me and when I was leaving, he look over to me and said….I can get use this scarf thing…you know the whole thinking of it as a hug around the neck. Even though he needed something to keep his body warm, sometimes there is a deeper need that needs to be met….and that scarf will be a reminder when he pulls it tight around his neck, feeling that hug….he is not alone and there are people out there that care and love him.  Thanks to all who make doing this possible.

10 Years


What a wonderful and beautiful day in the park. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to celebrate 10 years of service to our friends in the park. Yes, 10 years. It seems like just yesterday I was handing out my first sandwich to the first gentleman. He went by the name of Marlboro and had a little dog named scamp. Ten years later and we are serving over a hundred. I want to thank each and every person who has given of themselves to come down and serve long side myself, I also want to say thank you to all that have donated over the years, if it were not for each and every one of you….we would not be celebrating ten years.

Thank you to those who came down today and helped serve and thank you Tim from Astegos.org for loaning us your grill so we could cook up a special meal for our folks. Jeremiah rocked it on the grill…making over a hundred quesadillas and for bringing his grandpa Bill (loving having him around) . Liz (Tim’s aunt), Jerry and Preacher thanks for all you did serving our folks.  Thanks also goes out to my son James and his wife Brie for all they did helping me prepare for today’s meal. I love and appreciate each and everyone of you. Below you will find a link to a video of today and some photos. Once again thank you for making the last ten years amazing!!!

Help needed to keep the kids warm


At the park, we have some of the cutest young kids. This past Sunday the weather had turned cooler and I was concerned about the kids being warm and what they had available to help with staying warm with up coming colder weather. After talking to some of the parents, I found that they have been able to supply some of their winter needs for their children, but there are some that are still needed. I am reaching out to anyone who might be able to help with these needs.  We have some little girls who are in need of warm clothing in the size 2T, 5 or 6 and size 7 to 8. We also have a few little boys ranging in age from about 6 to 10. They also could use gloves, beanies and socks. If you can help in anyway, please let me know. Many are school age kids and going to school with proper clothing to wear would be a blessing to them. Remember that when not in school these kids are having to spend their time on the streets or in a car. They don’t always have a warm place to get out of the cold and having warm items to wear can really make their day a little more bearable. Thank you for your help.