Like the peanut butter jar

Had to laugh today at the park. A family that comes down almost each weekend, wanted to share with us. They go to the local food banks and wanted to share with us some of what they received. They say it is their way of saying thanks and giving back. Today she gave me a jar of peanut butter and told me to read it. We had to laugh, because the jar of peanut butter was from a food bank in Houston, Texas. So we had a good laugh trying to figure out how that little jar made it all the way from Texas to little old Idaho. No matter what it had to go through to get here, we except it, welcome it and will enjoy the goodies we will make with it. So thank you Houston for your wonderful gift.

Much like that little jar, our friends have traveled from all over. We may not always know where they have come from, what their travels were like or what hardships they had endured to get here. No matter what, we accept them just as they are, welcome them and will love on them.  Thank you God for sending them our way.DSCN1471


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