Five dollar bag of rolls and Superman


I was expecting the summer to bring out bigger crowds at the park, but there have been some Sunday’s that we get more people than what we expected and prepared for. Today was one of those days. People just kept coming and coming. I prepare for about 150 people, but today we ran out of food. All we had left to offer the last few that showed up was some sauce and I think some dessert. Not knowing what to do, I happened to turn and saw that one of the guys had in his bicycle cart three bags of rolls, probably picked them up from one of the shelters or another feed that was going on earlier that day. I thought if I can get my hands on one of the those bags of rolls we can put the remaining meat sauce over it and people will at least have something to eat.
 “So you want to sell me one of those bags of rolls?” I asked.
“I don’t know….I was wanting to take them with me.”
“Okay…just thought I would ask, but if you change your mind, I will make it worth your wild.”
“Well…okay, one bag.”
So one bag of day old rolls cost me five bucks and worth every penny. Everyone left fed and we didn’t have to turn anyone away. When we were done, roll man was standing behind me and I leaned over and told him “you staved the day….thank you.” With a big smile on his face he replied “I did, didn’t I.” He then told me he was wanting a soda real bad and now he could get one….then felt the need to tell me doesn’t drink and he will not spend it on booze….I had to laugh.
So that little five dollar bag of rolls kept some from going hungry for the night, but most of all it made a man feel like he was Superman for a moment. Our friends on the streets don’t get moments like that very often and it brings joy to my heart when I see a face beam with joy. He was the Hero for the day.

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