Gentle Warriors

This post is not about our friends on the streets, but instead about gentle warriors. There are a few I cross paths with daily at work. They are not called upon all the time to share the joy a family maybe experiencing, such as a birth of a baby. Instead they are called upon when family is experiencing trauma with a loved one, when a loved one is not expected to live and then when the loved one passes. They are there to comfort the weary, love on the hurting and give hope to those who have just lost. They are on the front lines, each taking on the emotions that come with what tragedy that may come each day. Each one feeling the pain that family members are experiencing. I see it in their eyes, the hurt and pain that comes with their day. This is their battleground and they fight a fierce fight. They stand in prayer and in the gap when the family or loved ones don’t have the strength. Each day their battles come and go, someday’s there are more than one person should have to bear. Each day they return and when called in the middle of the night they are there, no questions asked. They are sometimes the first to be there when someone needs them and sometimes the only one, when someone has no one. Their lives are touch in one way or another by each person they come in contact with, they are effected as much as the ones they are there to help. They are quiet gentle warriors that calmly walk the halls…these are the Chaplins of the hospital. I ask that you lift them up in prayer. Prayer that they would have the strength to continue each day, comfort in knowing that they make a difference… that God will shine thru them and guide them… to feel in their hearts how much they are appreciated and loved and at the end of the day…..I pray that the burdens of the day will be washed away and a renewing the heart.


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