Current Needs of Our Friends on the Streets



Jessica, Jerry, Linda and I took another trip down to Cooper Court (tent city) after the park yesterday. We were able to distribute hygiene items, socks, bananas and water. We once again spoke to those down there and were able to get more insight on what is needed. Items will be also give to those in need who come down to the park on Sunday’s for a meal. If you would like to help with these items, you can purchase items and take them down yourself, drop them off at the park on Sunday and we will take the items down or you can donate and we will purchase and distribute the items on your behalf. Take a look at the list below and let us know how you can help those in need.


Feminine products: Kotex, tampons (most all expressed needs for these)
Winter shoes: many said they wear smaller sizes and it is hard to get smaller shoes to fit
Warm sweater, hoodies,
New underwear and socks: These items are the hardest to find in places distributing clothing. If found they are most of the time used and to be honest, who wants to wear used underwear. Even our friends on the streets deserve better.


Sock and boxer shorts: same applies here, please no used underwear
Winter boots
Warm sweaters, hoodies,

Other items needed

Hand warmers
Laundry Soap
Hygiene items
Hand sanitizer
Soap and shampoo
Sleeping bags (we have those who are also sleeping along the river as well as tent city)
Snack bars or portable food items (remember they have no way to cook anything)

Dog Food: Yes I said dog food. Many of our friends on the streets have dogs, These animals are great companions for our friends and sometimes the only thing that keeps them going someday’s. Some will give up the only food they have for the day to feed their dog. Dry dog food can be put into gallon size Ziploc bags. This is much easier for our friends to carry and it will keep the food dry.

Jerry was handing out bananas and there was a lot of talk about how they love to have fresh fruit. This is something they don’t get often, so when your at the store, think of picking up a bunch of bananas, apples or oranges.

This is a small list to get started and we will update any needs as we come across them. I want to thank everyone who has contributed and helped so far, our friends in the park as well as those at tent city are truly grateful for your giving. May you all be blessed.


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