It was 17 degrees when I went to work this morning and it reached 22 degrees before the sun went down. I challenge you to stand outside for two to three hours, walking with no place particular to go. Then lay down on the cold concrete, with only a few blankets or a sleeping bag between you and the cement.
If you can handle this, then try being out in the elements all day and when the sun goes down, bed down for the night on that same concrete or some hidden away place. This is what some of our friends on the streets are dealing with right now. Some find their way into the shelters, but many stay outside for the night and even those who find shelter for the night, still have to endure the cold weather through out the day.
We complain when we have to go from the house to the car and have to wait for it to warm up or if we have to throw a extra blanket on the bed at night. Be grateful you have that heat to turn on or that blanket crawl under…..and when you do, say a little prayer for those who are outside, sad to say some will sub come to the elements…..and will not make it to feel the warmed on their face again.

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