Season of Love

Christmas is called the season of giving or season of love. No matter which of the two you want to call it, I don’t think I have seen it expressed more over the last few days. There is so much going on in everyone’s life this time of year, rushing about, trying to get very thing ready for Christmas day, but there are some who have taken time to pause and give of themselves for the sake of others. These are the people who bring a smile to my face and in the quiet time sitting here, bring tears to my eyes. Not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy. Joy in knowing such wonderful people and the overwhelming feeling of being blessed to know and have such people in my life.
So I want to give thanks to all who have helped or contributed to our Christmas dinner on Sunday. We had a great day and our friends outside loved it. I want to thank Pastor Laura and her church for the gift bags that were handed out, everyone is always blessed by them and for some it will be the only gift they receive this Christmas.
Tonight was the Homeless Vigil and every year I start to stress, will we have enough food or will we have enough help. Well, I was blown away by all that showed up to help and all the food that was prepared and brought down. Thank you to all of our regular volunteers, the nursing students from CWI, the wonderful new people I met tonight who just wanted to help and a special shout out to the three young boys who helped with serving dessert. These three young boys made me smile so much tonight. They didn’t complain about having to be there or wanting to go home, instead waited in anticipation for the vigil to be over and were excited to serve those who came thru the line. Mama’s you did well, you showed your sons the true meaning of Christmas tonight.
For those who prepared or brought food tonight, everyone was blessed by your giving. We were told that we out did ourselves this year and all were over joy ed by the meal they received. It was a great time to visit and enjoy the company of all who came. The leftover food was giving to Corpus Christi House and they will use it to serve their guests tomorrow. They said they were grateful for everything and in return blessed us with eggs. Oh, so many eggs. A large portion of these Jerry will take to Alpha House tomorrow and bless them as well.
So as I sit here in quietness of my home, thinking of all of you, I thank God for you, your kindness, your generosity, but most of all your loving hearts. And as I give thanks for you, I pray that you will be blessed back as much as you have given. May your Christmas be filled with as much love and joy that you have shown others.

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