My new friend

There was a young couple at the park today. It was there first time down to our dinner. When we were almost done for the day, she asked if they could take some food with them. She explained that they were staying along the river out in Emmett ( a good 45 minute drive away) and they had nothing to cook with or utensils to eat with. She says they stay out in Emmett because they don’t get harassed out there and it is safer. So we loaded up a few bags of food and gave them extra plates and forks to take with them. Funny how the little things like extra forks and plates will make someone’s day, she was so thankful saying “you have any idea how hard it is to eat everything with your hands?” She went on to explain that most people don’t understand what it is to do without. She said she came from a upper class family who at one time had it all and never thought about those who had not. Now she is on the streets, selling her blood to get gas money, so they can drive to get something to eat. As she started to leave, she gave me a big smile, a hug, then leaned over giving me a kiss on the cheek and softly said “I love you” in my ear. I love you too my new friend…..I will be praying for you both and I so hope our paths cross again soon.
At any moment anyone could be this young lady and her man. Living the good life one moment and the next trying to just live…..just trying to survive.

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