You touched a heart

Today started out with a down pour of rain. By the time I arrived at the park it was clear skies, thank you Lord for holding off the rain until this evening. We were blessed to have had Jerry and Jeremiah’s grandfather come down and hang out with us today, he even jumped in and helped serve. Such a lovely man I hope to see more of him. We started serving and a police officer pulled up. To be honest when they come by, I get prepared for “You can’t be serving people down here.” This was not the case, he very gently helped a older man who was very intoxicated out of his patrol car. He found a picnic table to take him to and has he was passing by us, he said “don’t worry these folks are going to get you a meal.”: Jeremiah made sure he had a full plate of food, water and that he was okay. He sat there quietly with some of the other men and ate his food. When I was getting ready to leave, I went over to check on him and see if there was anything else that could be done for him. He told me was okay and was grateful for the food. Then he looked me in the eyes and said with a big smile on his face, “You know he could have taken me to jail, but he didn’t. Instead he brought me down here.” “He gave me a ride here instead and then I a got a meal. I even had enough to feed the ducks. Today is a good day.”
This little story may not mean a whole lot to some, but many things happened in this brief time. The police have gotten a bad name from time to time on how they treat those on the streets, but this officer saw a man in need. A fellow human being in need and instead of taking him to jail and discarding him like a piece of trash, he brought him down to people whom he thought would help him out, even if it was just to get something to eat. He treated this man with respect, gentleness and kindness. Word on the streets travels and it amazes me the people who know we are down at the park. This officer pulled right up, knew right were to go and knew that the man he was trying to care for would find some form of help. 
My heart smiles with joy over this officers kindness as well as the love for others that is shown by those who come down and volunteer. You make people feel welcome, worthy and loved. You touch the world in ways you may never know, but are never forgotten.
This man will lay his head down tonight and know that there were people out there today that care, had respect for him and most of all saw him as one who has value and worth.  Thank you to all for what you do each week and loving on those whom the world has forgotten.

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