Behind Closed Doors


On the streets you will find abuse and anger, but there is also those who love with deep passion and look after others.

On the streets you find drug and alcohol abuse. Some use and others sell to survive.

On the streets you find the single and lonely.

On the streets is were we try and raise our families, the best we know how. We can’t do everything for them…but we try.

On the streets we experience sadness and heartache….but we also have times of great joy and we have hopes and dreams.

On the Streets is were our lives are laid out for the world to see…..there is not much difference between those on the streets and those who are not. Those with homes experience the same things, they just hide it behind closed doors, only letting the world see what they want them to see…..all the while judging me because I have no door close behind me.

—-Girl on Streets——


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