Up Coming Easter Dinner

easter help

Easter Sunday we will be having a our Easter Dinner in the park. Everyone is welcome to join us for this meal. If  you know of anyone who would like to join us or someone who needs a place to go that day, we would love to have them join us. Besides dinner we are planning to color eggs with the kids that day. I was also thinking of maybe doing some sort of Easter baskets for the kids, if I can get some help with this. If you would like to make a basket or baskets for a child in the park, please let me know. I am looking to get about fifteen baskets, any left over will be taken to Interfaith for the kids there. Also if you would like to help with the Easter Dinner, I am planning to make the following items listed below. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to bring and how much you plan to make. We are not limited to what is on the list below.
Ham (I have four hams I will be making)
Mash Potatoes (I already have the potatoes)
Gravy (I will make gravy from the ham)
Desserts (I will make brownies and a few other desserts, others are welcome)
Deviled Eggs
If I remember right, Jeremiah is going to make boiled eggs for the kids to color. We will also need a few people to help the kids color eggs.
Holidays are a time to get together and spend time with friends and family. For some our friends on the streets (as well as some who have homes), we will be the only one’s to share this time with. Please help us make it a special day for them…Thank You!  Oh and if your a praying person…..PLEASE PRAY FOR NO RAIN.

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