Foot Clinic / Foot Washing April 17th

April 17th we will be doing a foot washing/ foot clinic in the park. The wonderful nursing students from CWI will be joining us and heading this up. We will be holding this at the same time we do our dinner in the park, 4:00 p.m. We will need people to help serve food as well as people to help the students. If you are interested in helping or would like to help with the items needed for this, please let us know. Below is a list of items Jeremiah said we will need for that day.
List for foot clinic in April 17th
4-6 basins (have these items already)
4-6 chairs
4-6 stools to sit on
Lotion (travel size is great, but 4 large bottles with pumps work fine too) (have these items already)
Soap (mini bars are good or large bottles of body wash with pump) (have these items already)
4-6 pairs of toenail clippers (have these items already)
4 boxes of orange sticks (help clean under toenails)
Plastic garbage bags to line the basins (have these items already)
Hot water
Cool water
1 box each of Small, medium, and large gloves
Disposable emery boards (have these items already)
Canopy (have these items already)
Sheets or something to divide the canopy to provide some privacy (have these items already)
Bacitracin (
Jeremiah is bringing)
2×2 and 4×4 gauze (Jeremiah is bringing)
Band-Aids (have these items already)
Tape (to hold down gauze) (Jeremiah is bringing)
Paper towels to dry (have these items already)
Plastic cups to rinse feet (have these items already)
Epsom Salt (Jeremiah is bringing)
Coolers for holding hot water (have one five gallon cooler so far)

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