It doesn’t matter what’s being served

It was a warm beautiful day in the park, only made more beautiful by the wonderful people whom we shared it with.  Today the CWI nursing students did a foot clinic  and Phil and Michele’s group from Rock Harbor church joined us. The group from Rock Harbor brought down individual bags of hygiene items for any who wanted them. They also blessed us by joining in and helping serve our friends in the park.  CWI students were also a big blessing, not only did they take care of people’s feet and hands, they also provided socks for those in need.
I thank all who came down. You have no idea how much you have blessed and touched the hearts of those we serve. By giving of yourself, you showed someone you cared. By touching them, looking them in the eyes or even smiling at them, you showed them they matter and have worth. By giving of yourself for the sake of another….you showed love and that is the greatest gift you can give.
Many came thru the line and expressed how much they enjoyed the day and look forward to doing it again. We can do all kinds of things for our friends in the park, but when it comes down to it and what matters most to them is… saw them as a fellow human being and took time out to spend time with them, this is what they will always remember.
I recently saw a quote “It doesn’t matter what is being served at the table, it’s the people who surround it that matters.” So I am grateful for our friends in the park who come down to share the table with us and I am so very grateful for those who take time out of their day to help serve along that same table. You look past the table, past the food and become a light that touches hearts in more ways than you know.
To the CWI students, the Rock Harbor church and all those who always join us…..Thank You! You make my heart SMILE! Big thanks to Jeremiah for helping organizing the foot clinic….your awesome.
Check out the pictures from today.

Rock Harbor Church……Your a Blessing!

DSCN1578DSCN1576DSCN1574 (2)DSCN1573 (2)DSCN1572DSCN1586


CWI Nursing Students…….You ROCK!!!!

DSCN1577DSCN1573 (3)DSCN1575DSCN1575 (3)DSCN1575 (2)DSCN1585


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