Loaves and Fishes day

It was one of those days when I pull into the park and start praying that we have enough food. People, people and more people, every where I looked there was someone waiting for us to serve our meal. I have to admit that when we set up, I looked at the tables and the food and the looked at the line waiting. Silently prayed that this one is up to you Lord, you see the need and I trust you will supply. I would scoop about ten bowls and then look in the pot…..Lord make it last. We not only had enough to feed everyone, but were able to give seconds to those who wanted it. Loaves and Fishes day is what I call it and it is not the first time we have had this happen, that he made sure his children were fed.
 DSCN1575 (4)
There is a FLDS family that has been coming down to the park for a little over a month now. When they started coming the father introduced himself, but the kids and his wife would not speak to us and would barely look at us. Over the weeks they would speak to us briefly, but then go to be by themselves. This family has been on mind and prayers daily. They came up from Arizona, rejected from their community there. Now in Boise staying in the shelter and finding themselves in the homeless community, a community they probably know nothing about, probably finding themselves on the outside once again. I have been praying to find a way to connect with them and if anything let them know that they are not alone and there are people who care. That connection came today in the form of a little girl named Eda. I had taken the last of the dessert to the table were this family was sitting and ask the mother if she would like to have it. Eda came quickly over and started to talk to me about a kite she received from someone. The father by this time was standing there and I looked up at him to see if it was okay to be speaking to his daughter and he just stood there smiling. So I went on talking to her about her kite and how much fun I use to have flying kites. She then ran over and got her kite and wanted me to see the turtles on it and how pretty it was. I asked her name and she told me and then she asked me mine. I told her that it is a hard one to remember, but she can call me Dee. Then out of the blue she grabs me and gave me the biggest hug I have had in a long time and she wouldn’t let go. As I held her as tight as I could, gave her a big kiss on the top of her head and told her what a special and precious child of God she is. I then spent a minute talking to her father and her younger brother and then as she was leaving she comes over and gives me another big hug. As she let go she looks up at me with a big smile and in that moment it took everything in me to keep from crying my eyes out, this overwhelming love for this child came rushing over me. In that moment I thought if this is just a inkling of the love God has for us then we truly don’t understand the magnitude of his love for all of us. I saw the face of Jesus on Eda today, he is there working in their lives. The struggle they are going thru maybe tough right now…..but I truly believe he has them in the palm of his hand and a new life for them is about to begin.
Thanks again for all who came out and helped serve. Today would not be possible without wonderful and amazing people like you.

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