I met Jesus…his name is Edward

One block from the hospital and in the heart of Boise, you will find a corner with nice shrubbery, very well kept and maintained. Dozens of people and hundreds of cars pass by everyday, everyone in a hurry to get somewhere. If you take a moment and take a closer look at this shrubbery, you will find it holds much more. This is were I met Edward. A man I would say in his thirties. Standing there one day with a co-worker, Edward emerged from the shrubbery. This was his home. The shrubbery makes a canopy that he can crawl into. No one notices him there and it probably provides some sense of security…a safe place for him to sleep for the night. I enjoyed our short talk with him, but there is a part of my heart that breaks for him. I keep thinking how he must feel, with everyone passing by, he is still invisible to everyone around him. I have placed things inside the canopy for him from time to time, mostly to let him know someone is thinking of him. Sadly to say, Edward is not the only one out there living like this. If we just take a moment during our busy lives, we would find there are many invisible people out there and they are closer than you think. In the heart of the city, along the river, hidden the parks and many more places.
That day my co-worker and I were talking to him. He was just talking and talking about his place and what he does during the day. As I stood listening to him, I kept looking at him and thought he looks like a scruffy modern day Jesus. Just as I had this thought, he stops mid sentence and looks me in the eyes and says “Jesus loves you.” I had to chuckle to myself and to this day when I think back to that moment I still get a smile on my face….because my next thought right after his comment was “I just met Jesus and his name is Edward.” So the next time you come across one of our invisible friends, take a moment to acknowledge them…you never know whom you maybe speaking too.

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