Touching a heart


The weather was not good for Sunday and I was not expecting many to show up. To my surprise there were people, people and more people….they just kept coming. We got everyone fed and could finally step away from the tables when a young lady approached me. She said she just came over to tell us how much she appreciates us coming down each week and feeding everyone. I stood there listening to her, you could see on her face that there was something else going on and she didn’t just come to say thank you. I let her finish and then I told her that we come not just to feed people, but most of all to let you know that we care about you and we love you. She broke and tears came strolling down her face. She reached out and hugged me and as she held on tightly, she told me that was what she needed to hear, that she mattered to someone and that she was loved. Each of us has a need to feel wanted, acknowledged and loved and I have always told myself that none of our friends in the park will ever leave this life without knowing that someone loved them. Yes, we go to the park to feed people in need, but moments like this is the real reason we go…to hold someone who needs held, to up lift a downtrodden heart, to put a smile on face that may not have a reason to smile and to love someone unconditionally right were they are. Who’s heart have you touched today?

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