Please say a prayer

I am asking for prayer and if your not a praying person, please send good thoughts out to one of our families from the park. I was rapping up the day at work and ran into one of our families. Mom and her oldest daughter were sitting there and I stopped to say Hi. Because of laws at work I was not allowed to ask why they are there, but I did ask her how she was doing. What she told me floored me and I still can’t comprehend it. Her youngest daughter was sitting in the ER. She had received a call from the school that her child had tried to hang herself with a jump rope. I saw this family a week ago getting on the elevator and she said that they had been there because the daughter had tried to kill herself at that time as well. Sitting here tonight I am still trying to take all this in and keep praying for this family. You see this child is only ten years old. I don’t understand or can I comprehend why a ten year old would want to take their own life. I can’t imagine what is going on in this young life that would bring her to this point. So Please lift this little girl and her family up in prayer. Every life is precious and deserves to be lived

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