Are You Doing Love Wrong


I haven’t posted in awhile, the last few weeks have been busy, so I thought I would sit and write some thoughts about the park and what is going on. My thoughts today have drifted back to events of this weekend. Yesterday I had gone down to the Boise AIDS walk to lend a hand and support Jerry and Jeremiah on their efforts to help raise money for those living with aids. Many of those I hung out with were from the LGBT community. This morning I wake up and first thing I did was turn on the TV. I was floored by what I was seeing on the news. It took me a minute to comprehend what I was listening too and seeing on TV. Anger rose up in me and thoughts came back to me of the previous day. I had just spent hours yesterday with people from the LGBT community and met some of the most amazing wonderful people. We shared stories, a little about ourselves and we laughed and had a great time. As I sat and watched what happened in Orlando, I got angry as how someone could take the lives of such wonderful loving people. Then my heart broke and my anger turned to sorrow. I broke and found myself crying over the loss of life, because when it comes to the bottom line, those whom we lost today were someone’s son, someone’s daughter and most of all they were a child of the living God. Non of us live a perfect life and at the end of the day when all is said and done, our God still loves us. So tonight the anger has gone, the grief is still there and prayers are being lifted up to those who have lost today. Let them know they are loved Lord!
I spent sometime today looking at different post on facebook and what different people where saying about the events of the day. A couple stood out to me and I wanted to share them.

Violence against any group of people is a violence against our shared Humanity. There is no separation. ‪#‎OnePulse‬—–John Pavlovitz


To my non-Christian, atheist, gay, transgender, Christian, not-sures, agnostic, confused, and everything in-between friends….

If you get on a soap box and declare that shootings, etc, are the judgement of God, that you reap what you sow, or whatever, you are doing more damage than the shooter himself.

His death was delivered swiftly. You are tearing apart hope; you are tearing apart the character of God. You are sowing seeds of hate. The impact of these actions will last for years and years. You are pushing people farther and farther away from Christ.

If you are a Christian and want to make a statement get your butt down to the nearest LGBT club and hold out a sign that says, “You will have to get through me first before you hurt someone here.”

But could it be that we, in our society, can love and NOT agree? Could we as Christians be the ones to show how that is done?

So, shut-up with your condemnation and at least go give some blood….. The Red Cross is waiting.——Brian Yeager


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