No Nookie in the Park


Guy in the park: Hey sister what’s for dinner?
Me: Chicken, broccoli and gnocchi in a cream sauce.
Guy: Hey your sauce is a little lumpy, did you have problems with the sauce not mixing up?
Me: It’s not lumps, its gnocchi.
Guy: Nookie? He asked, as he giggled a little.
Me: Its small potato dumplings.
Guy: No that’s not what Nookie is ….as he giggled again.
He came back later for more and said he was going to tell the guys to come get some Nookie.
It’s Gnocchi….not Nookie I told him. He just laughed at me.
The guys in the park crack me up at times. There wasn’t a drop left at the end of the day and we were scrapping the bottom of the pot. Not sure if I want to fix it again, I don’t want to be know as the lady serving up Nookie in the park……Ha Ha!!!  Come on….this had to at least make you smile!!

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