He has a sense of humor

Received a cash donation for the park, from someone at work yesterday. Put it in my pants pocket and had stopped by the store on the way home from work. Today, I had to make a trip back to the store and thought I will deposit the money in the bank while I am out. I went to grab the cash and couldn’t find it. I searched all my pockets, looked high and low of places it could be. Checked everything on my table and even looked in the trash. Thought I must of lost it at the store last night. After a half hour of looking, getting stressed out and upset that I lost this money, I decided I needed to get to the store and pick up last minute things for tomorrow. I got in the truck and headed down the street, kept telling myself “how stupid can you be?” Then comes a little voice that says “Let it Go.” Okay Lord, I am not happy about losing the money, but all I ask is that who ever found it is someone who really needs it, may they be blessed by it.
So I put my thoughts on other things, got my stuff done and headed home. I unloaded my truck, put things away and walked over to put my purse on the table (the same table I search a dozens times) and low and behold laying in plain sight……..Yes, that donation I could not find and stressed over. Lord….thanks for having my back, but we really need to sit down and talk about your sense of humor…..I am already old and crazy…..I really don’t need your help making it worse…..just saying.

2 thoughts on “He has a sense of humor

  1. HAHAHA!! I love it!! I always ask “Lord help me find it” and low and behold the next place I look there is whatever I am looking for!!! Love you and miss you!!!!

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