Your imprint is on their hearts

With the temperatures reaching 100 plus this past week, it is hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago we had a cold temps and pouring rain. Wether it is the heat or the wet cold, it always makes for a interesting day in the park. As I left the park and headed home that cold wet day, I began to think of those who help. Those who give of themselves for those in need. So I want to give thanks to everyone who has been a part of this ministry and those who are still involved. When I see you come week after week, stand in the heat or pouring rain, my heart is overwhelmed by the love you have for others. When we receive those donations in the mail, the donations of food, clothing and everything else, we are so blessed and grateful. Each and everyone of you make it possible for us to do what we do. You make it possible to hand someone a plate, look them in the eyes and let them know someone cares, someone sees them and loves them. You make it possible to give a box of food to families who need a little help. When some of our friends find homes, you make it possible to help them with things to make their new place a Home and when I have a man stand before me with tears running down his face on a cold rainy day, his eyes pleading and he asks for a blanket because everything he has is wet and cold, you make it possible to hand him a sleeping bag. Then watching his face light up and a smile come to his face, he says “I will have something warm to wrap myself in tonight.” When he lays himself down that night, he will remember those who gave of themselves for someone else.  We may not know everyone’s name we serve and they may not know yours, some we may not see again and others we have known for years. Each one has been touched by your generosity and love, that will always be imprinted on their hearts. So know that no matter how you are involved in what we are doing, you are impacting the community around you. You give hope to the hopeless, you make the invisible visible and you show love to the unloved. You are a Blessing and we are so very Blessed to have you be a part of what we are doing. So I “Thank You” and pray that you will be blessed as much as you have blessed others.

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