Beyond the Collar

cross and collar on bible
I like to watch people, people interacting with other people. I think you can learn a lot about a person by the way they treat people and how people respond to them. Jake from Holy Trinity Church has been coming down to the park  when he has the time. He is one of those whom you easily connect too and find yourself drawn too, as well as feel at ease with. There is something else I have noticed about him, and it happens when he interacts with others. At first, I thought it was because he was wearing a collar, but when you really watch others react to him, you see that it goes beyond the collar. I first noticed many weeks ago, I was standing next to Jake as we were serving up plates in the park. One of our street friends came thru the line a little drunk and being loud and mouthy. He had his head down and when he raised his head, you could see that he was staring at Jake’s collar. The man calmed down, stood up straight and then looked up. When his eyes connected with Jake, the biggest smile came over his face. They spoke briefly and the man went on his way…slightly different from the way he arrived. Today we had a couple of men having a argument, it didn’t turn into a fight, but it could have very easily. Before this could happen, I see Jake come long side of the men. The two men continued to argue for a minute and just like before they notice his collar, but then they look in his face and as he spoke calmly and softly, these men calmed and went their separate ways. There is a respect that people give to someone wearing a collar, but in Jake’s case, I believe it goes beyond the collar. The collar draws their attention, but when they look in his eyes they see the compaction he has for them and they hear love in his voice. When they look in his eyes they get to see a glimpse of Jesus looking back at them……for the love of Christ flows out of him.

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