Little Girls…but Big Hearts

What a great day in the park today. Thanks to everyone who came out to help. Rob and Jessica came down today with their girls Hannah and Bella. They had never been down to the park to help before and what a blessing it was to have them there. I could hear their sweet voices from the other end of the table and each time they spoke to our friends in the park, it brought a smile to my face.
“Would you like a bottle of water?”
“Would like a fork?”
“Can I get something for you?”
“Have a great day!”
Each word spoken with such caring and love towards our friends. Two little girls who could have been doing other things today, but instead gave a little of their time to love on those in need. There is a transformation that happens within our friends when kids are there. You see these hard men and women drop their hardened exteriors for a moment and this tender side comes out. I sometimes wonder if they are thinking of their own children or grandchildren they no longer get to see or haven’t seen in ages. So Hannah and Bella, thank you for the helping hands, the beautiful smiles you shared with our friends and most of all thank you for showing you care and loving on these wonderful people. Rob and Jessica, thanks for bringing the girl and all your help. Jerry and Jeremiah, I am always grateful for all you two do….thank you never seems to express it enough!

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