Don’t be quick to Judge

Our friends on the streets don’t always have the nicest things said about them. I have heard people say don’t help them they will never do for themselves. Don’t help, because they will just bleed you dry. They only take and have no desire to do anything else. The list goes on and on. Every time I hear someone speak words like this I feel my blood pressure rise and like a mom bear, I want to tear into them. I bite my tongue and try to calmly educate these people on those who’s home is the streets. Are there some like this on the streets….yes, but they are few and for the majority they are kind, loving and giving people.
Today in the park was a example of just how loving and giving our friends are. We served up our meal, when one of the men came over and held out his hand. “I want you to have this” he said. I looked and rolled up was what I that was a few bucks. I told him that I could not take his money. He said he was grateful for what we do in the park and said he insisted I take it. I once again said that I could not take his money and that it was our pleasure to come down and share a meal with him and we wanted nothing from him. His eyes started to tear up and said “Please take it, I have no home to cook food in and I would like for you to take it and use it for the meals here in the park. I want to know that I did something to help others. So, please take it.” So I gave him a big hug and thanked him. I placed the rolled up money in my pocket and didn’t look at it until later.
I stopped at the store on the way home from the park and as I was walking in, I remembered the money in my pocket. I thought I had better take it out and put it in my purse before I forget it about it. I took it out and unrolled it. I was floored, I stood in the middle of the store with tears rolling down my face. Freddy, one of the cashiers (he ministers to those with addictions, will have to tell you about him another time) was just going on break. He came over  and said “Hey sister what is wrong.” I held out my hand  and explained what happened in the park. Freddy smiled real big “Sister you have been blessed today.”
Our friends have come up before, wanting to help and contribute. They will hand you a buck or two, sometimes some change. Always insisting that you take it and when they walk away, they hold their head a little higher. No matter how little they have to give. They give to help others in a world that looks down on them. They give because in their hearts they want to know they made a difference and they give because they have love for others.
Today blew my mind though. As I stood there in the store with my hand held out crying, telling Freddy about the park, in my hand I had unrolled not just a buck or two…..but one hundred dollars. I could not comprehend for a moment as to why this man would give us this. I thought I can’t take this and I need to get it back to him. Honestly I was freaking out, why would this man on the streets give me this kind of money. Freddy calmly leaned over and said “Like I said you have been blessed and don’t forget the Good Lord will bless him back.”
So I still sit here in awe and disbelief of the gift this man gave us. I pray that his gift will be a blessings to many and that he will be blessed many times over. Thank you my fiend. I don’t know where you will lay your head tonight, but I ask that Lord hold you tight and his Angels look over you. Love you friend.DSCN1619

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