Nine Years


Was hoping for sunny skies and good weather, but we had a rainy cold day in the park. We still had a good crowd show up and were blessed with many who came to help serve. I couldn’t have asked for a better day to end another year. Yes, I said end another year. Today marks our ninth year in the park, nine years of serving up meals, touching hearts, letting people know that they are loved and not forgotten. Most of all, nine years of letting the Lord use our hands and feet to reach out and love on some of the most forgotten of our city. I want to thank everyone who has given to this ministry in one way or another. Nothing you have done has gone in vain and each act of kindness and love has touched a life in one way or another. A life that will forever be changed be cause you cared.
I also want to thank the gentleman, who was grilling in the back of his pickup truck, when I pulled into the park. He is here in town for work, from South Dakota. He had asked some of our friends in the park, what was going on and they explained what we were doing. He came over, not wanting anything to eat, but wanted to say thanks to everyone for caring about others. He then handed me a large donation for the park. I thank him for it and we talked for a bit, then the song “Jesus in Disguise” started playing in my head. I had to laugh to myself, because yes to me, he was Jesus in disguise. He gave me a hug, I told him that he was loved and he smiled and said don’t stop, keep doing what your doing.
So with that I had to smile. Each year brings many challenges, but also great joy. When I continue to go down the path that he has set before me, new doors open and I will continue to do what we do….love on people.  I can’t wait to see what is in store this year.

2 thoughts on “Nine Years

  1. You are my hero my friend!! I know you don’t see your self as a hero, but you are to so many! You are an inspiration!! I thank the Lord for you and for your huge heart. You have taught me to love unconditionally. Love you so much!!

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