Trick or Treat


She came bouncing through the line Sunday, always with a big smile and full of energy. She spotted the bowls of candy everyone had brought and her excitement grew. She starts, with a loud voice, Trick or Treat….Trick or Treat. Her excitement made me smile and I got excited for her. I then asked her, are you going trick or treating for Halloween. Her smile faded from her face, she hung her head and quietly said no. Her smile then returned and she said she was going to trick or treat there and then continued down the line…all the time saying trick or treat. I looked at this young girl of about ten or eleven and my heart broke for her. She should be sharing in the fun and excitement that the day will bring and hanging with friends. There will be no dressing up in a fun costume, the joy of going house to house and the excitement of looking in the bag to see what treats she scored for the night. Tonight she will instead check into the shelter with her family. Instead of wondering what candy she got she will be grateful for a bed to sleep in and a meal to eat for the day. Instead of deciding what she wants to be for the night, she will be grateful for the warm cloths on her back. When she goes to school tomorrow she will not share in the conversations of fun each had the previous night, instead will probably find herself alone feeling left out. So tonight be grateful for the time you spend with your children. Be grateful that you are blessed enough to be able to share in the joy of the evening with them. You are making memories they will always remember. There are many children out there that will never have these memories. Their memories will consist of …….how I survived on the streets.

2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. This is one of the many small but important ways that poverty and homelessness exclude people. It’s not about the candy, it’s about the participation, the opportunity to take part in an annual cultural event/ festival. These things are important.


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