Thanksgiving Meal in the Park

Well today was our Thanksgiving Dinner in the Park. There were so many who came to help out, as well as to make food for our friends in the park. Everyone had a great time and so many expressed their thanks for all you did. To see their eyes light up and the smile come across their face, makes it all worth it. So this is a week that we will sit at our tables with family and friends, giving thanks for all that is before you and what you have in your life. As you sit at that table, know that YOU are the one’s whom I am grateful for. I give thanks for your loving hearts and your generosity to give to others. Never asking for anything in return, only loving on people because they deserve to be loved. You do this not only in the park, but in every aspect of your lives. Because of you, this community is a better place. So, to you I say “Thank You.” I am blessed to have you in my life. May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy and love.
To Jeff and Linda, you were missed today. Our prayers were with you.
Enjoy the pictures of our day.

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