Christmas 2016

We had a great day with our friends in the park today. Because of the weather and all the snow, we did not have a big turn out, but still served about thirty people today. Thirty people who may have not had any place else to go for the holiday and each one of them so grateful for the hot meal. They were very grateful for you taking time out of your Christmas day to come down and be with them. Many whom live in their cars grabbed plates and headed back to the warmth of their cars, while others scattered through out the park. We even had a few of the Frisbee golfers come by for dessert and warm hot chocolate. Thank you to Dee for coming a long ways in this weather to bring us so many pies, so wish there were more people there to eat them all. We will be having pie for dessert next week. Many filled their pockets with the candy she brought and one of the guys took toys for his kids as well as some to take back to the kids at the shelter. Thanks to Heather at the Stinker station for making cookie bags for the folks and thanks to Pastor Laura and her group from Church for Now for all the wonderful gift bags, everyone was excited to receive them. I thank you all for making it a wonderful day for all who showed up and I thank you for making my Christmas special as well. I spend the holidays alone and getting to spend it with such wonderful people makes my heart jump with joy. Each and every heart in that park is touched by your generosity, kindness and love and that includes mine as well. You are truly a blessing. Merry Christmas to you all and I pray many blessings on your lives in the coming New Year.

Link to video Christmas 2016


Christmas Dinner in the Park


This coming Sunday is Christmas and we will still be having our dinner in the park at four,  for anyone who needs a meal or has no other place to go for Christmas….no one should eat alone on the holiday. We will be doing a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. If you plan to come down or bringing anything, I am asking that you confirm this with me, so I know what to plan accordingly. Will be doing last minute shopping for this and will need to know if I need to pick up anything. Please let me know as soon as possible. I will be preparing ham, turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy and dessert. The number of people coming has been down the last few week, due to the weather. We may not have a large crowd, but then again we never know. We also have gift bags, donated from Pastor Laura and the wonderful group from her church, to hand out. One of the ladies from the gas station I go to said she is making gift boxes of cookies to give out as well, will pick these up on Saturday. Hoping and praying for good weather that day. Should be a lot of fun, hope to see you there.

My Charlie Brown Tree

The blog below, I wrote back in 2009. When I first bought the tree, I just bought it because I thought it was cute. It became much more than that to me. It became a reminder of what could be, if nurtured in the right way. I gifted a friend with the same tree and it no longer gets put up after Christmas, it has become a permanent fixture in my home. Every time I look at it reminds me of the hope and love I have for our friends in the park and wonderful friends I have in my life.




When you first glanced at me, did you see that I am a Charlie Brown Tree? But, if you look closer there is more to me to see.

At one time I had roots and a foundation. I lived among the forest of beautiful trees, tall and proud. Unforeseen circumstances and an unstable foundation brought me crumbling down. Now my foundation is a bit wobbly and it’s held together with nails and scraps of what was once me. 

I am not much to look at; just a small branch is all that is left. Even though I once lived among the large forest, along the way I became broken, discarded and now just a piece of my former self. 

Now they hide me in the back lot, to ashamed for me to be seen. The ones who stand tall and beautiful are the ones people want to see. So, here I sit alone, unseen, unwanted and unloved. Wishing someone could see me for what I could be. 

Look closer at me; do you see it? I struggle to hold onto one single bulb, it still glimmers and shines from time to time. It holds my hopes and dreams. It is my gem for the world to see, if they would only look. 

If you wrap a blanket around my foundation, I will stand a little taller. If I were tended to patiently, fed, watered and given love, I would begin to grow strong again. It wouldn’t take much.

In time I may begin to look much like my former self, but I would be different in many ways. This time because tended to with love, my foundation will be stronger and my roots will grow deeper. I would stand taller and prouder than all the other trees, because you saw the hidden beauty in me. 

Our friends in the park are much like this tree. Broken, discarded, no longer have a firm foundation to stand on and are just a shell of their former selves. You have looked past the forest of people and saw the discarded, broken and hidden. Thank you for wrapping your arms around them and helping them stand a little stronger. Thank you for caring for them, so they have a chance to grow new roots. Thank you for seeing that they have hopes and dreams and most of all Thank you for Loving them. I see it in their smiles and in their eyes, they come because they know that to you, they are someone special, they are truly loved and you see their hidden beauty! You see more than just a Charlie Brown Tree! Love you very much!

Sunday in the cold rain

Today was one of those days that the weather was cold and rainy. Many people ask why we still serve in such weather. I remind them that Hunger and those in need, are still in need even though the weather is miserable. We are still there for anyone who shows up. If we serve one or we serve a hundred we will still be there for them. To everyone who came down today……..Thank You!

Two sets of Rules


An old blog showed up in my feed this morning and I thought I would share it again. I still remember that day and sad to say, nothing has changed….there is still two sets of rules.


Two Sets of Rules

Over the years of serving those without homes, I have learned that there are unspoken rules for those who have and for those who have not. After I picked my son up from roller derby practice Monday night, I saw another example of that. It was late and we had not had dinner and decided to stop and grab a burger on the way home.

I stopped at one of local burger chains and as we went inside, there were two gentlemen who had came in as well. Both older, clean and well dressed, the only difference you could see between the two was the fact that one was carrying a backpack. The one with the backpack sat in a back corner, in a spot were no one could see him except those entering or leaving from side door. The other sat in the middle of the place in full view of anyone coming or going. The one in the back corner began playing a game of solitary and the other asked for a glass of water and sat to read the paper.

As we waited for our order, I had noticed that I knew the man in the back corner from the park and I waved and got ready to go over and talk to him. As I started over the manager of the place came out from behind the counter and started to speak to him, so I decided I would wait until she was done talking to him. My son stood with me talking to me about practice, but I kept my ear tuned to the conversation in the corner. As the conversation in the corner started to heat up, I found myself slowly inching closer to hear, my son sat down and just shook his head. I asked him “What?” He just laughed and said “We are going to be here for awhile.” Okay so by now my son knows me well enough that I can’t walk away in a situation like that.

As the manager left I walked over to ask what the problem was and what was going on. Our park guy said he came in to wait for his wife to get off work. Let me give you a little back ground on our park guy. He has lost his job and has not been able to find work. His wonderful wife has been able to find work, part time at a radio station just down the street from the burger joint. Because of only part time work, the only place they have to stay is in the camper they have. Neither is on drugs or drinks. Very wonderful people who only are trying to make it in this world. Back to the manager, she had stated to him that he would have to leave, they there was a policy that stated that you could only stay in the place for thirty minutes, unless you were a paying customer. He explained that he was only waiting for his wife to get off work and would not be there long. She didn’t care and wanted him out. If he didn’t leave she was going to call the police.

Now besides my son, myself, the other older gentleman reading the paper, the only other person in the place was our park friend. I asked the manager “If this gentlman has to leave, then why is the other not asked to leave as well?” “That’s different, he comes often and is not bothering any of the costumers.” She stated. I asked her “what costumers are being bothered by our friend sitting in the corner, there is no one in here.” “It’s just different for him” she stated.

“So let me get this right. Our friend can’t stay because he is not a paying costumer and the other can stay because he asked for a glass of water that he didn’t pay for?”

“Yes, it’s different” she said.

“So were is your policy posted that you can only stay thirty minutes unless you are a paying customer?”

Once again she didn’t have a straight answer and could not show anywhere that it was posted. I asked how someone was to know that policy just walking in off the street, still no answer. She then stated that he needed to get out and promptly walked off. So I promptly walked over to our friend reached in my purse and pulled a five-dollar bill. Are you hungry or thirsty I asked him? No, I just wanted to wait for my wife; she will be off work soon. I said go buy something to drink, even if you don’t drink it and sit back down, you will then be a paying customer and they won’t have any reason to ask you to leave. He smiled, took the bill and walked to the counter. The same lady looked at him and refused to take his order, so my son and I stood with him until someone waited on him. Finally someone took his drink order and we all sat and chatted for a while.

My son and I had to leave, but as we were leaving our park friend handed me back the change from the drink. I told him to please hold onto it and if she came back to make him leave again, go over and buy something else and you just keep doing that until your wife gets off work. We laughed, hugged and left, telling our friend that we would see him soon.

Now before anyone gets upset, I do know that restaurants can’t just let people come in and hangout. They are there to make money. My point to all this is we have two different people doing the same thing. Coming in to a place that is pretty much empty, neither buying anything and both minding their own business in different parts of the restaurant. One who did not buy anything, but has been in from time to time is allowed to stay. The other because he is homeless was asked to leave. She stated he was bothering customers (the only customers were us and he was not bothering us) and who was she to determine who was worthy enough to sit and stay inside?

Once again the unspoken rules for those who have and those who have not, for those who are accepted by society and those who have been rejected. When will we be begin to look at others and see the worth and beauty they have inside of them and not determine a persons value based on their appearance or what processions they may have?